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The ball of Kerrymuir
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Balls to your partner, Arse against the wall If you've never been fucked on a Saturday night you'll never be fucked at all
't Was the gathering of the clans And all the Scots were there A-feeling up the lassies Among the pubic hair
Four and twenty virgins Came down from Inverness. And when the Ball was over, There were four and twenty less
There was fucking in the kitchen And fucking in the halls You couldn hear the music For the clanging of the balls
The village plumber he was there He felt an awful fool, He'd come eleven leagues or more And forgot to bring his tool
The town magician, he was there He gave us all the laughs Pulled his foreskin over his head And vanished up his ass
The village idiot he was there Up to his favourite trick Bouncin' on his testicles And whistling through his prick
The village copper he was there He had a mighty pole He grabbed a maiden by the ass And yodelled through her hole
The chimney-sweeper he was there, But he soon got the boot For every time he farted, He covered 'em all with soot
The village leper he was there Sitting on a log He peeled the foreskin off his cock And fed it to his dog
The mayor's daughter she was there She had the crowd in fits A-jumping off the mantelpiece And bouncing off her tits
Tiny Timmy he was there He was only eight He couldn't reach the lassies So he had to masturbate
And when the ball was over They all went home to rest The music had been exquisite But the fucking was the best
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