Codex Studiosorum Bruxellensis
Red river valley
Traditional, oorspronkelijke titel "In the bright Mohawk Valley", 1896
De 'Red River' ontspringt in North Dakota, USA en mondt uit in Lake Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
From this valley they say you are going; We will miss your bright eyes and sweet smile; For they say, you are taking the sunshine, That brightens our pathway the while.
Come and sit by my side if you love me; Do not hasten to bid me adieu; But remember the Red River Valley And the one that has loved you so true.
Won't you think of the valley you're leaving; Oh, how lonely, how sad it will be; Oh, think of the fond heart you're breaking And the grief you are coming me to see.
As you go to your home by the ocean; May you never forget those sweet hours; That we spent in the Red River Valley And the love we exchanged 'mid the flowers.
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